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Garrincha: The Happiest (and Possibly Best) Soccer Player Ever

To kick things off for the 2014 World Cup it’s fitting to post this video of one of the best — and definitely one of the most entertaining — soccer players of all time. Garrincha is considered by some to be even better than the great Pelé, yet he’s been semi-forgotten over the years.

The little footballer from the slums was known as the Joy of the People in Brazil — for good reason. The guy dribbled a soccer ball like a streetball player dribbles a basketball, but with sheer joy and happiness.

The video above is a great showcase of his amazing skill.

What do you think?


Flashback: The Pathé World Cup Archives

Very interesting. Love the Pickles the Dog story!!

British Pathé Updates

The 2014 FIFA World Cup is underway in Brazil. At Pathé, some of us are football crazy – others less so! But whether you like your footie or not, there are some stories in the Pathé archive of interest to all. So, if you love football or just don’t want to feel left out of the conversation, here are some essential videos from Pathé’s vintage World Cup coverage.



British Pathé has excellent coverage of the 1966 World Cup in fabulous Technicolor. The match, between England and West Germany, took place at Wembley. Note how the English and German fans are intermingled.



Incredibly, there almost wasn’t a trophy to give England that year. The Cup was stolen, only to be discovered wrapped in newspaper on a London street by a dog called Pickles. This Pathé film…

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